Are you a teacher (trainer), school principal or inspector who has set up activities on climate change education?

Submit your project and get a chance to present them at COP27.



What is the TeachersCOP?

The TeachersCOP is an international event created by the Office for Climate Education (OCE), to highlight to global politicians and decision-makers the work of teachers, the challenges they face and the key role they play in the global climate response. The first edition took place during the COP26 held in Glasgow and counted with the participation of more than 500 teachers from more than 35 different countries. Following this success, the OCE has decided to renew the experience and once again bring the voice and the great work of teachers, this time to COP27 to be held in Egypt from November 06 to 18, 2022.

Who can participate in the TeachersCOP?

This year the TeachersCOP is aimed at all primary and secondary teachers as well as their trainers, school directors or inspectors.

How can I participate?

1) Submit a project

We want to know what you are doing! For this edition of TeachersCOP we are looking for projects and initiatives that you have already implemented on climate change education in your classroom or establishment. These projects must fit into one of the four categories set by teachers on a declaration they created and voted on at the first TeachersCOP:

  1. School Curriculum: Examples of how you have successfully tackled climate change in class using the curriculum school (even in cases where this is not explicitly mentioned).
  2. Professional development of teachers: Initiatives of teachers (or inspectors, directors, trainers) organizing themselves together to train themselves or others / share resources / organize conferences / workshops / etc... in climate change education.
  3. Teaching resources:  Creative teaching sequences or activities on climate change carried out by teachers at the class level.
  4. The place of the school in the context of climate change: Climate change education projects developed at the school level (with or without the intervention of external stakeholders).

To submit a project, simply share it with us by directly completing this form before October 16 (11:59 p.m. French time).

The form does not allow you to save information and come back later. Thus, we advise you to look at it first to find out about the different information requested and to complete it later when you have all the information required.

2) Participate and vote live on our TeachersCOP event

The TeachersCOP is a hybrid event held live from the host country of the COP on the eve of the start of international climate negotiations. This year the TeachersCOP will be held on Saturday November 5th from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (GMT +2) live from Egypt.

During the TeachersCOP hundreds of teachers from around the world connect simultaneously to talk about climate change education through simultaneous translation in French, English, Spanish and Arabic.

This year teachers will be able to discover climate change education projects implemented by teachers around the world and will be able (thanks to an interactive system) to vote to choose 4 projects which will be presented by the OCE team to decision-makers at the heart of the COP27.

You can virtually join the TeachersCOP event by simply completing this form (if you have already submitted a project, you do not need to register again).

What are the different steps to the TeachersCOP ?

TeachersCOP steps

Why participate ?

By sharing your climate education projects and attending our TeachersCOP event, you become part of an international community of practice made of teachers who are passionate and committed to their students and their planet. You can also be a source of inspiration and find inspiration in the many projects shared by teachers around the world.

Finally, it is thanks to your projects and your daily commitment that we will be able to ensure that climate change education is part of the discussions at COP27. We will highlight them as good practices and as examples of the incredible creativity, resilience and adaptability that teachers can demonstrate.

Our goal is that all teachers have access to the resources and support necessary to be able to implement quality climate change education in their classes and establishments to train the generations of tomorrow.

The conditions and rules of the TeachersCOP call for projects can be consulted directly on this link.


Join us for a Climate Education workshop

As part of the TeachersCOP, the Office for Climate Education (OCE) also invites you to participate in an online training course (completely free) on climate change. The first part will shed some light into the science, causes and consequences of climate change, as well as on the solutions to deal with it. A second part will present educational resources and examples of good practices as a source of inspiration for working on solutions in the classroom, implementing concrete actions and developing educational projects. This training is aimed at primary and secondary school teachers. The English version will take place on Saturday September 17 at 10am (Paris time)  you can register for free on this link.