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Climate Change and Land is the second part of a collection of educational tools produced in collaboration with international educational and climate experts, entitled The Climate in Our Hands. These resources highlight active pedagogies and interdisciplinarity. They allow students to understand the mechanisms of climate change and its impact, as well as the importance of the Land in climate regulation and in the development of human societies. They also offer concrete action projects, at the class or community level.


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Note: this project is exclusively run in France.

To support general and vocational high school teachers in France in climate change education, the OCE provides them with a dedicated space with adapted tools.

Resources ALEC

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Soon you will find here an adaptation of our pedagogical resources to the Mexican and Colombian context.


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The ALEC (Latin America for Climate Education) project aims to promote climate change education in Latin America through the adaptation of pedagogical resources to the local context, the professional development of teachers and the creation of a community of practice.



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The objective of the Office for Climate Education is to promote quality climate change education of primary and middle school students all over the world and to induce the behavioral changes needed for the ecological transition. Classroom-based educational projects should enable young people not only to understand the phenomena at stake, but also to think about solutions for adapting and mitigating climate change and to lead to concrete implementation, through actions at the classroom, school, village or at the neighborhood level. 

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